5 Outfits You Should NEVER Wear To A Wedding

5 Outfits You Should NEVER Wear To A Wedding

5 Outfits You Should NEVER Wear To A Wedding

As a fashionista, you have some amazing dresses in your closet. You’ve probably got at least one great black cocktail dress, maybe a go-to sequined number for truly special events, and probably even a few evening gowns for days when you’re feeling fancy.

Yet knowing which of those outfits to wear to a wedding can be tricky! From what color you should avoid (hint: it’s white) to how much skin is too much, here are the top five outfits that should never make their way into your suitcase when you’re setting off to attend someone else’s nuptials.

5 Outfits You Should NEVER Wear To A Wedding

Anything white.

The bottom line? Anything white or off-white is meant to be reserved for the bride. White symbolizes purity and innocence, so it’s a color that you wear on your wedding day if you’re ready to commit yourself to another person for the rest of your life (or until divorce becomes legal). If you wear white at someone else’s wedding, then people might think that either:

  • You’re trying too hard to be noticed
  • You’re trying too hard not to stand out from everyone else in attendance

Either way, these are not good things!


A simple color dress that doesn’t match the wedding attendance

If you’re invited to a wedding and the invitation hasn’t specified that dressy cocktail attire is required, it’s still important to match the theme of the wedding. A classic white gown would go perfectly with an all-white wedding, but if you’re attending an outdoor reception on a beach in Hawaii with palm trees and flowers everywhere, wearing something that matches that environment will make you look like someone who didn’t get their invitation.

If your outfit doesn’t match your surroundings or theme, then you might as well have come straight from work with dirty shoes—you won’t belong at this event!


A casual top and bottom.

You need to be dressed up for the occasion, so this means no jeans, shorts, flip-flops or casual tops and bottoms. Don’t wear anything that looks like you could have worn it to hang out with friends or go for a jog. Also avoid t-shirts and tank tops as these are not appropriate wedding attire.

If you’re unsure about whether your outfit is dressy enough, ask yourself: Would I feel comfortable going to a nice restaurant wearing this? If the answer is no then maybe reconsider your outfit choice before heading off to your friend’s wedding!


An outfit that is too loud or distracting.

Avoid wearing an outfit that is too loud or distracting. If you are wearing an outfit that is too loud or distracting, the bride will be jealous of all the attention you are getting. In addition, she might be so jealous that she doesn’t want to talk to you at all during the wedding and can’t wait until it’s over so she can get away from you.

The best way to avoid this is by making sure your dress doesn’t draw too much attention. You should also avoid wearing any accessories or jewelry that might draw extra attention because if it does, then the bride will be very upset with you for stealing her spotlight on her special day!


Any dress that is not age appropriate.

You know the rule: if you’re not sure, ask.

This is true in all situations and with every piece of clothing, but especially when it comes to wedding attire. If you are not sure whether or not your dress is appropriate for a wedding, ask someone who has been invited to the wedding what she thinks.

Even if she doesn’t know much about fashion (or even if she does), she will be able to tell you how old most of the guests are and give you an idea of what kind of style would be expected from someone at their age.

The best part about this approach is that it allows everyone involved to feel more comfortable—you don’t have to worry about offending anyone by asking for advice on your outfit choice, and those who aren’t experts in fashion can still offer their opinion without feeling like they’re being judged by someone who knows more than them!


Key Takeaway:

Always think about the wedding before you decide what to wear to it!

Consider the theme and location of the wedding. Whether it’s a beachside ceremony or an evening reception, make sure your outfit complements the setting. If you’re unsure, ask the bride and groom if they have any ideas for what kind of attire might be best—they may even have a color scheme in mind.

Ask about dress code as soon as you know about your invite, especially if there are restrictions on what guests can wear to the event. The last thing that you want is to get all dressed up only to discover that jeans would have been perfectly fine!

Consider who else will be there when choosing an outfit. You don’t want to clash with other guests or stick out like a sore thumb at the wedding!



Experiencing a wedding as a guest is all about the bride and groom. The day is theirs so don’t take away from it by wearing an outfit that is inappropriate. Go to the wedding dressed as your best self, but make sure you also dress with respect for the bride and groom.

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